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Lightning Cheer

The perfect combination of tumbling, acrobatics and dance! 


Programs from brand new beginners through to elite international competitors.  Athletes will gain strength and flexibility, improve their confidence and communication skills, enjoy the excitement of competition and build lifelong friendships along the way!

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                               2023/24 Prep Cheer

U6 Spark - Sundays 12:15-1:30pm
U8 Freeze - Thursdays 4-5:15pm & Sundays 12:15-1:30pm
U8 Shock - Mondays & Thursdays 4-5:15pm
U12 Ignite - Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7pm

Questions about our teams? Let us help!

                            2023/2024 All Star Cheer

Please reach out to


                               *NEW* Cheer Abilities - Ice

Lightning Cheer is proud to offer this special program for athletes with disabilities for the first season ever! "Ice" will work with our amazing coaches 1 hour per week to learn the basics of cheerleading in a small-ratio environment.


Athletes will be taught a full competitive routine that will be tailored and properly suited with their individual skill sets.


Sundays 11am-12pm


Ice will attend 1 out of town event TBD and our end of year Showcase! A competition shirt is included in the cost of registration.

All-Star Cheer Teams

Are you ready for the commitment of the competitive program? 

Whether you come from our Prep program or are new to cheer - it's not too late to join
all-star! Athletic kids switching from other sports excel on our teams! While there are skill prerequisites, exceptions can be made for overall athleticism, based on the needs of the team.

2 mandatory team practices per week

4 out of town competitions
Monthly fees Sept-May $140

+Uniform, choreography and competition fees Practices

2023/24 - Mon & Thurs

Team placements for All-Star teams are held at the beginning of June There is optional training in July & August for those who wish. Mandatory practices start Sept 7th.

Prep Cheer Teams

Join one of our FUN filled Prep teams that are the perfect introduction to the sport of Cheer! A great way to learn your foundation tumbling skills, learn to stunt, jump and dance! Enjoy the benefits of teamwork and routine building and make new friends. No experience or skill prerequisite required. 

2 weekly practices 
2 out of town competitions
Monthly gym fees $115 Sept-May (TBD)
Uniform and competition fee

Practices start Sept 7th 2023 and run until May 2024.


Birth year list for 2023/2024


U6 2017-2019 

U8 2015-2016 

   U12 2011-2014  

 U16 2007-2010



"When my daughter was 7, I signed her up for Lightning Cheer through Apollo Gymnastics. Cheer appealed to us because she was a quiet, introverted kid, and we wanted her to have the team experience where her success was based on the success of the team, where she would meet new kids with similar interests, and allow her the opportunity to become more comfortable interacting with others. What we got was that and more. Cheer is a perfect mix of dance, gymnastics, and stunting. Perfect for any child who is active and wants to move. I have watched my daughter over the last 5 years become an athlete. Through Cheer, she has had so many great experiences. When it is time to compete, she is excited and regardless of the outcome, the team, and coaches are always supportive and strive to do more the next time. Her coaches, and the whole team at Apollo nurture the development of the athletes in a way that is fun, challenging and respectful. Lightning Cheer is North Bay’s hidden gem. I highly recommend it."  Stacey


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