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Competitive Gymnastics

Pre-Competitive and Competitive team programs for athletes interested in the commitment and benefits of competitive gymnastics! Hard work pays off - this program will set your athlete up for a lifetime of physical fitness! Programs ranging from 3 hour weekly pre-competitive to 12 hour weekly competitive Provincial stream. Please contact us to discuss the best program for your child.

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Women's Artistic Gymnastics

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Please contact for more information!                                                          

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Please contact for more information!                                                          

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Pre-Competitive Gymnastics

This program is designed to help young athletes develop their physical strength, flexibility, tenacity and discipline all while building their foundation skills in gymnastics!

PreComp 1 Ages 5-9 - Dates & prices available August 1st.

                                   *cartwheel & handstand required

PreComp 2  Ages 8 + - Dates & prices available August 1st.

                     *back walkover & spotted chin up pullover required


*Exceptions can be made, please email and we are happy to help you choose the best class for your child.                                                            

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